4 Pines Brewing Company launched its third venue on 3 November, 4 Pines Underground.

Located underneath its original 4 Pines BrewPub venue and opposite Manly Wharf, 4 Pines Underground is an all-day eatery serving breakfast through to dinner.

Co-founder Sheree Mitchell is responsible for the interior design of all 4 Pines venues, and her design influence for 4 Pines Underground was a log cabin. As such, the new venue has a focus on natural materials including recycled timbers salvaged from an old Victorian cottage, paired with black steel and bunker lighting. A pictorial history of Manly’s wharf is depicted upon the walls.

Group executive chef Rob de Paulo has developed the menu and will be supported in-venue by head chef Pablo Siebeneichler.

Breakfast items include free range organic eggs; sambal eggs (three fried eggs, fried shallots, coriander and fresh chill); Cubano jaffle (18 month cured Serrano ham, Mahon cheese combined with Moorish chutney); Churros Bomb (sugary cinnamon churros bomb filled with mascarpone, dulce de leche and berries); and The Tree Hugger (saut chilli kale, sweet potato rosti, spiced beans, caramelised red onion, basil and roma salad).

The bread is house-made and includes the use of 4 Pines Stout, the meat is free range, hormone-free and RSCPA accredited from NSW, and the eggs are sourced from Egganic Farm.

The lunch and dinner menu consists of sharing dishes such as fresh octopus on a bed of potato and chorizo, topped with watercress, avocado, mint and lemon dressing; Japanese-style tempura seasonal vegetables with Sushizo sauce; and Szechuan squid with lime aioli, coriander, fried onion and fresh chilli.

Mains include the 4 Pines Stout-braised beef ragout pot pie with red wine and vegetables; vitality salad bowl of roasted almonds, broccoli, spiced cauliflower, kale, Israeli couscous and house-made labneh; and 24 hour cured trout gravlax on a bed of sweet potato with fresh fennel and orange, drizzled with lime and soy.

There’s also a pot of mussels with garlic, chilli, white wine and basil in a rustic tomato broth with house-made 4 Pines Stout bread for two; and the 1⁄2kg of smoked beef brisket with apple and fennel salad, chipotle sauce and fresh lime.

Twelve beers are on tap, including a range of 4 Pines’ core and Keller Door (limited edition small batch) beers. There’s also a selection of Australian wines and distilled spirits, as well as smoothies, pressed juices, milkshakes and Single Origin coffee.

The cocktail selection is inspired by barrel-aged spirits, Brookvale Union and the broader 4 Pines beer range with some highlights including Getting Spicey (Brookvale Union Ginger Beer with Adelaide Hills Spiced Rum, 4 Pines pale ale bitters and fresh lime); The North American (Rye Whiskey and Sherry barrel-aged with maple syrup, with 4 Pines American Amber Ale and orange bitters); and the Indian Summerita (Don Julio Blanco Tequila with fresh lime, blood orange syrup, and 4 Pines Indian Summer Ale). 











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