Hospitality magazine has launched its Eating Out in Australia 2016 survey. It will be a major component of the research for a comprehensive report into the state of the industry in Australia.

The report based on the survey will be released at the Restaurant Leaders Summit to be held in Sydney on 26 September. All restaurants, pubs, cafes and clubs are invited to participate.

Eating out is big business. There are just over 24 million Australians. On average, they eat out twice a week. That’s 50 million meals a week, or 2.5 billion in a year. At an average of $25 a meal, that’s a total of over $60 billion a year. The industry employs more than half a million people, in over 50,000 businesses.

But despite its massive size, there is remarkably little data on this important sector. This is largely because it is so fragmented and difficult to define. This comprehensive report will examine all aspects of sit-down dining in Australia, at the five major venue types: fast food outlets, cafes and coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and bars, and registered clubs.

The report is based on a number of different research methodologies. They are complementary, and build up a complete picture of dining habits and trends in modern Australia:

  • Industry survey: Trends and spends, customer habits, etc., based on a detailed survey of owners and operators of over 500 restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs.
  • Consumer survey: Eating habits and preferences, completed by thousands of Australian consumers.
  • Market data: Extensive statistical analysis of industry sources: associations, competitive analysis, Australian Bureau of Statistics.
  • Interviews: Qualitative research based on in-depth interviews with key players in the industry.

To take part in the survey, click here.


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