A colourful, highly nutritious superfood beverage range has been launched by new Sydney-based beverage company Lover Latte.

The range responds to the increasing café-consumer demand for alternatives to traditionally served coffee and teas.

Lover Lattes are crafted from natural ingredients including powerful antioxidants and recognised superfoods.

Flavours include Earthy Beets, containing beetroot and black carrot juices, Mighty Matcha, a matcha-infused green elixir, Boosted Spirulina, containing arguably the most nutritionally dense superfood on the planet, spirulina, and Golden Turmeric, containing a dosage of the powerful anti-inflammatory turmeric-derivative curcumin, flavoured with chai-style spices.

The range makes use of low-GI, Mexican agave for a touch of sweetness.

Consumers may be motivated by the differing, claimed health benefits of each of the variants within the range, including improved blood pressure, boosted cognitive capacity and heightened athletic performance and endurance. In addition, the range uses natural ingredients and is 100 per cent vegan.

Lover Lattes are conveniently packed into café-friendly pump-serve, recyclable packaging.

“We are confident café owners will love our new product offering,” says Lover Latte Founder Mark Livings. “It’s convenient, on trend, fast to serve and our range offers cafés higher gross profit margins and lower labour costs per serve than espresso coffees. Baristas simply pump the Lover Latte elixir into their milk jugs and texturise with the customer’s choice of milk or plant milk.”

Presentation for the Instagram generation is also important, points out Livings. “When served in glass, our lattes look amazing,” says Livings. “Bright green, blue, pink and yellow drinks just beg to be posted on customer’s social media accounts. We’re hoping cafés get into the fun and come up with their own unique serves and garnishes.”

Interested stockists can order Lover Latte directly from loverlatte.com.au, through the Hum platform or by contacting the dedicated Lover Latte sales representative vaughan@loverlatte.com.au

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