Data from Clipp, an Australian deals app for pubs and bars, has revealed that steak is the number one ordered dish across these venues.

Clipp analysed food orders from its 650-plus merchants across Australia’s major cities to reveal that 32 percent of all food orders at pubs and bars are for steak. In Brisbane and Perth they account for 41 percent of food orders.

After steak, burgers are the number two food ordered by pub-goers in Sydney (12 percent of all Sydney food orders), Adelaide (18 percent) and Brisbane (15 percent), while Melbournians and Perth residents favour seafood before burgers (19 percent and 11 percent of orders respectively). Only five per cent of Perth locals order burgers at the pub, according to the data.

Hot chips were the third most ordered pub food in Adelaide (13 percent), Brisbane (8 percent) and Perth (8 percent) and the fourth most ordered meal in Melbourne (8 percent). Sydney is the only city in which hot chips did not make the top five.

The data revealed residents in Brisbane pay most for a steak, with an average price of $21.15. Melbourne residents pay $20.83, while Perth, Adelaide and Sydney prices are $19.92, $19.51 and $19.45 respectively.

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