Jovan Curic of Pub Life Kitchen opened Superior Burger, his first standalone venture, in Wakeley on 1 November.

“I’ve been searching for a site in the West for ages, an area that’s often overlooked, and what we’ve found is perfect. It ticks all the right boxes. Put simply, what we won’t be is just another burger joint. But, what we will be is a conscious burger joint that is all about locally sourced produce, house-made sauces, glorious beef that is dry-aged and turned into fresh patties by my old man every day,” said Curic.

The menu features a rotation of hot food and cold drinks, like burgers, fried chicken, snack packs and classic takeaway options including potato scallops and chips alongside soft drinks, milkshakes, iced teas and Coors on tap.

The bulk of produce will come in daily from local independent farmers within the Liverpool basin – small backyard growers and producers will supply everything from vegetables to naturally raised chickens,with beef sourced directly from farmers in the Hunter Region. The cattle are pasture fed, hormone and antibiotic free. The beef will be salt-aged and turned into patties that will be served medium in three styles of beef burgers. 

Superior Burger will be housed in the former Wakeley Mixed Business site, a local institution that occupies a corner site.

“It sounds clich but for me the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The food is extremely important but so too is the vibe of the place. We want people from all walks to come in and feel at home, be able to sit, take a look around and understand what Superior Burger is all about. It will be a very different addition to the area so we hope locals get as excited about the shop as we are,” added Curic.  

Superior Burger will be open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, from midday to 10pm.

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