After collating over 700,000 reviews and ratings from Australian diners, Sydney’s nel. restaurant has come out on top to win Dimmi’s 2016 People’s Choice Award.

Since opening in early 2015, nel. restaurant has earned a number of accolades including Time Out Sydney’s 2015 People’s Choice Award. The cuisine at the degustation-only restaurant is described as a contemporary interpretation of modern Australian cuisine, inspiration for which British chef and owner Nelly Robinson finds from all corners of the globe.

“To win an award like this means the world to all of us at nel. It’s big smiles all round,” says Robinson. “We have been open for less than a year so to come out as the number one people’s choice in Australia is really quite remarkable. We must be doing something right.”

In addition to the 2016 People’s Choice Award, Dimmi has also collated a list of the nation’s top 100 restaurants via data from user reviews. The top ten of which are:

  1. nel. restaurant, NSW
  2. Lutce Bistro & Wine Bar, QLD
  3. Smith & Daughters, VIC
  4. Marumo, WA
  5. Bah-BQ Brazilian Grill, NSW
  6. Casoni, NSW
  7. Hugos Manly, NSW
  8. Fabulous Fine Food, VIC
  9. 1907 Restaurant, WA
  10. The Courthouse, QLD

“Today the opinions of Aussie diners hold just as much weight, if not more than a single food critic’s point of view,” says Stevan Premutico, CEO and founder of Dimmi. “Through the Dimmi People’s Choice Awards we offer a more democratic ‘best restaurant’ list that differs from the rest. It’s unique, it’s exciting and it shines light on unexpected venues as well as some of the ‘trendy’ restaurants that we all know and love.”

According to Dimmi’s data, WA has secured its place on Australia’s culinary map with 13 restaurants making it into the top 100 – seven more than in 2015. The ACT also scored well with six restaurants in the 100 including Courgette which took out 15th place.

Victoria also performed well securing 24 restaurants in the top 100, but it was NSW that came out on top with 45 venues making the cut.

In terms of regional restaurants, Ten Minutes by Tractor located in Main Ridge Victoria took out the number one position.

To view the full top 100 list click here, or to view the top 100 regional list click here.


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