N2 Extreme Gelato is shutting up their Haymarket shop in Sydney on 10 June, with no comeback date locked in.

The team are heading to Tokyo with Eddie Stewart (ex-Black Star business development manager) to kick off a new project called N2 Brunch Club which will open in September.

The club will bring iconic Australian brunch dishes to Japan and will feature a seasonally rotating menu that will showcase N2’s signature nitrogen throughout.

Ingredients will be imported from Australia, with dishes including smashed avocado and eggs Benedict.

“Japan has always been a favourite place of mine, and they have killer desserts over there,” says Min Chai, founder of N2 Extreme Gelato.

“I’ve known [Eddie] for a long time since Black Star Pastry and N2 started collaborating, so I’m glad he’s jumped aboard the ship with me. He’s full of ideas and just about as enamoured with Japan as I am.”

From 7-10 June, N2 Sydney will be putting classics back on the menu including Plain Old Chocolate and Kinky Vanilla before closing their doors.

While there’s no concrete date set for N2’s Sydney reopening, Chai says he will be returning to make N2 “something even bigger and better” and that it will revolve around the concept of a “touch of old combined with something brand new”.

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