Meat & Livestock Australia has launched two new digital red meat resources for foodservice professionals through Rare Medium.

A seasonal e-magazine and a new website were specifically developed to provide chefs with accessible education and inspiration about Australian beef, lamb, goat and veal.

“As the go-to source for Australian red meat information, Rare Medium strives to lay the foundations for red meat creativity in the kitchen,” says Mary-Jane Morse, MLA foodservice manager.

“Our new digital resources provide chefs with access to red meat knowledge from paddock to plate.”

Rare Medium seeks to close the knowledge gap about Australian red meat production and encourage whole-carcass use.

“In addition to producing the best beef and lamb in the world, as an industry, Australian red meat is continuing to innovate and evolve with commitment to quality, integrity and ethically and environmentally sustainable production,” says Morse.

“We want to ensure foodservice professionals have access to information through the supply chain — not just cuts and how to cook them, but how those cuts were derived from the carcass and how the animal was raised and treated through each stage of production.”

The new Rare Medium website provides chefs with access to whole-carcass education for beef, lamb, goat and veal and includes complete beef and lamb carcass breakdown videos with Troy Wheeler from Meatsmith in Melbourne. It also provides clear and concise supply-chain information, insights into production systems, dish inspirations from a variety of leading chefs and more.

“The first stage of the website covers all the basics of red meat production and preparation literally from paddock to plate and is a useful resource for chefs of all levels,” says Morse.

“The next stage, scheduled for later in 2018, is a dedicated red meat training module designed with chefs and culinary educators to supplement and enhance chef knowledge about red meat.”

The e-magazine draws on industry innovation and culinary creativity to inspire foodservice through timely, engaging and informative red meat content.

“Each issue of the e-magazine will focus on a specific protein and be co-edited with a different chef,” says Morse. “Stepping out of the kitchen and up to the plate for the debut issue is Dave Verheul from Embla and The Town Mouse in Melbourne.

“Autumn lamb 2018 showcases innovation on farms, rethinks cut usage, explores global use of Australian lamb and celebrates chef creativity through videos, animations and beautiful imagery.”

The next issue, Winter Beef 2018 will be co-edited with Duncan Welgemoed from Africola in Adelaide and will be available from April.


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