Melbourne-based roastery and coffee destination Industry Beans has expanded its Sydney footprint, but this time, it’s on a smaller scale.

Industry Beans launched a micro-roastery in Woolworths Metro Double Bay earlier this month, with the coffee bar serving up a range of beverages and beans to-go.

Shoppers are able to choose from espresso or filter coffee made by baristas using a Modbar set up.

A Loring roaster from the US is also set to arrive shortly, which will see the commencement of on-site roasting.

It marks the seventh venue for Industry Beans and the second Sydney store, with the flagship located on York Street in the CBD.

CEO Trevor Simmons says the partnership with Woolworths signals a new avenue for the brand.

“Our approach to getting our coffee to a wider audience is to take the full experience to that audience, which is impossible to do by just putting a bag on a shelf,” he says.

“We worked with Woolworths to create a true specialty coffee offer in a grocery location. Rather than roasting coffee in Melbourne and shipping through distribution, to stores we’ll be roasting fresh, on site for the local market.”

Woolworths Metro stores around the country will also stock the brand’s cold brew and Fitzroy iced coffee product over the coming months.