Chef Tom Sarafian will be cooking at Melbourne venue Culumus Inc from 2 to 13 March.

The former Bar Saracen head chef is excited to take residency in the Culumus kitchen and deliver a seasonal Middle Eastern-style menu. “I’ve missed cooking in Melbourne’s CBD so much in the past year since Bar Saracen closed, and I’m looking forward to bringing some of my favourite dishes back to the city, as well as some exciting new ones I’ve been working on,” says Sarafian. “My menu at Cumulus will be full of beautiful organic vegetables from local farms and seafoods and meats, all cooked over charcoal. There’ll be favourites such as gildas, hummus with king prawns and spanner crab, kafta nayeh and cheese mamools with fig and sesame jam.” Over the course of two weeks Sarafian will be cooking dinners designed to share along with large festive-style Sunday lunches. Guests can expect dishes such as heirloom tomatoes and homemade shanklish; BBQ bullhorn peppers with labne and chilli butter, and Lebanese zucchini filled with lamb, onions and spices. The Sunday lunch offerings will include a fish fatteh with charcoal fish rainbow trout and fesenjoon, slow cooked duck with pomegranate and walnut sauce and Iranian Saffron Rice. Drink options will feature an arak service, Armenian wines, cocktails and Sarafian’s Lemonade. Sarafians namesake Hummus, toum and soon-to-launch harissa will also be among the offering. Dinners will be $85 pp from Wednesday to Saturday on 2 to 5 and 9 to12 March. Sunday lunch will be on 6 March at $100 pp and 13 March at $120 pp. For more details on bookings click here.