The inaugural Meat Your Maker festival will be held on Sunday 7 August.  The event will feature meat and dairy tastings, panel discussions, and butchery and cooking demonstrations with producers and chefs.

Bottle Shop Concepts, the team behind wine events like Pinot Palooza and Game of Rhones, will switch their focus from wine to meat, with Meat Your Maker bringing together producers and consumers to help overcome the disconnect between the meat we eat and the animals it comes from.

Dan Sims, found and director of Bottle Shop Concepts said “We want people to really think about what they eat and enact a change of behaviour. By helping people better understand the current state of play, they can make informed decisions about their food. Food doesn’t come from a plastic packet.”

The event will be held on the grounds of multi-arts precinct, Abbotsford Convent, and will be broken into four main parts: Meat Market, Meat Out, Meat Sweats and Milk Bar.

The Meat Market will allow attendees to meet and greet farmers and growers, who will be selling produce and offering samples.

The Meat Out will be an in-depth discussion with local growers about the state of play in the beef, lamb, dairy, pork and poultry industries and the challenges they face, hosted by food writer Richard Cornish.

At Meat Sweats, Burn City Smokers will be showcasing nose-to-tail eating with their smoker and asado style barbequing. Meatsmith’s Troy Wheeler will demonstrate how to break down a whole beast and chef Matt Wilkinson from Melbourne’s Pope Joan will offer practical cooking and charcuterie demonstrations.

The Milk Bar, hosted by Alice in Frames, will offer milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt products, as well as information about how to support the dairy industry.

Meat Your Maker will run from 11am to 6pm. 

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