Pulses, tropical Asian flavours and ‘heat and tang’ are amongst the six trends McCormick is expecting to influence menus over the coming years.

The herbs and spices manufacturer has released its annual Flavour Forecast, which sheds light on international culinary trends, both domestically and within the foodservice sector.

‘Heat and tang’ refers to diners’ growing interest in spicy flavours such as chipotle, peri peri and harissa, while south east Asian sambal sauces powered by chillies, rice, vinegar and garlic and also expected to rise in popularity.

“Flavour Forecast is a catalyst for innovation,” said McCormick Australia culinary manager, Simone Fergie. “Around the world this year, we’re launching many new consumer products inspired by Flavour Forecast trends, and we’re working with our customers across the food industry – from chain restaurants to beverage and snack producers – to help them do the same.”

The flavour trends, identified by McCormick chefs, food technologists and flavour experts, include:

  • Heat and Tang
  • Tropical Asian
  • Blends with Benefits
  • Alternative Pulse Proteins
  • Ancestral Flavours
  • Culinary Infused Sips


Alternative-Pulse-Protein.jpgPulses are expected to gain in popularity


Sambal-Sauce.jpgSambal sauces are an example of the 'Heat and Tang' flavour prediction.

Last year's flavour trends included umami vegetables, smoked spices and middle eastern mezze.


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