With one in three adults using technology to order meals, the consumer demand for delivery has been on the rise.

In the McCain Global Takeaway & Delivery study, researchers found 30 percent of Australian consumers had swapped take away for food delivery, with Aussies spending an average of $1,590 each year.

Moreover, the world and individual lives have changed in a few weeks due to COVID-19 outbreak. Pivoting more and more restaurants to takeaway and delivery to thrive through these challenging times.  

So it’s important operators ensure their offering is up to scratch to ensure happy customers and their takeaway and delivery menu, fit for purpose.

Hot chips are universally loved, but there is nothing worse than receiving a delivery with soggy chips. Consumers expect the same quality delivered to their doorsteps as they experience at restaurants. A whopping 70 per cent agreed poor-quality chips ruined their meal experience, with 83 per cent stating they would not order fries through a delivery service again. On the flip side, 83 per cent of consumers would re-order from the same venue if their fries were high-quality. 

McCain SureCrisp ensures fries will remain crispy for up to 30 minutes in delivery, takeaway and on premise.

SureCrisp is the game-changing fry that stays consistently crispy across delivery, take-away and on-premise channels. With a crispy hold time of up to 30 minutes and crispier for three times longer than other products, SureCrisp fries allow operators to not only expand their delivery areas, but confidently offer one of the most popular menu items for delivery, takeaway and on-premises.

Visit mccainfoodservice.com.au to discover the SureCrisp experience or talk to your McCain Sales Representative to see how you can get this crispiness on your takeaway and delivery menu.

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