The Maybe Group has announced it is teaming up with Public Hospitality to host a free one-week cocktail festival in Sydney.

From 12 April, bar teams working at establishments listed on The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 list and the extended version will take over Maybe Sammy, Dean & Nancy on 22, Sammy Junior and The Strand Rooftop.

Participating bars include:

3: Sips, Barcelona
10: Alquimico, Cartagena
12: Jigger & Pony, Singapore
13: Hanky Panky, Mexico City
14: BKK Social Club, Bangkok
16: Drink Kong, Rome
21: Cafe La Trova, Miami
27: Tres Mono, Buenos Aires
31: Line, Athens
34: Overstory, USA
37: A Bar with Shapes for a Name, UK
46: L’Antiquario, Naples
59: Schofield’s, Manchester
74: Nutmeg & Clove, Singapore
94: Sweet Liberty, Miami
Termini, UK

“I’m not sure I can think of anything more fun than being able to enjoy a cocktail experience from some of the best bars in the world every night, for a week,” says Martin Hudak, Co-Founder of The Maybe Group.

“It’s not cheap to travel from Australia anywhere internationally, so we are thrilled to be able to bring this amazing talent pool of bartenders to Sydney so we can have those experiences without the cost of a plane ticket.”

The festival will incorporate an industry masterclass aspect as well as an interactive component with panel discussions hosted for the local bar community.

Visiting bartenders will also be experiencing the city’s bar scene outside of venues that are part of The Maybe Group and Public Hospitality.

“We hope this program of sending bartenders out beyond the bars within our two hospitality groups helps the local bar industry receive the exposure they deserve and cements new relationships with likeminded bars from overseas,” says Hudak.

All guest bar shifts are walk-in only, with the complete program to be confirmed in March.