Bondi Beach Public Bar (BBPB) will open its doors on 20 December.

The venue will be open seven days a week from 11am till 1am every day (midnight on Sunday).

“Whenever I am asked what the BBPB will be, I reply very simply that it’s a public bar,” says Maurice Terzini. “It’s not a hotel with a dining room or wine room; it’s just a basic public bar.”

BBPB will offer a wine list in line with a minimal intervention philosophy by wine director James Hird. “For me, drinkability is key, I really hate not being able to drink wine when I hit a pub,” he says.

“We really wanted the list to be accessible so we have sourced some cracking lo-fi wine made in the Adelaide Hills (Sauvignon Blanc) and Pinot Grigio from the King Valley in Victoria to keep the beach-goers hydrated.”

BBPB will be a post-mix-free zone and the drinks will channel Australia’s ’70 and ’80s drinking culture with a modern approach.

Terzini classics such as the No. 8 negroni and a selection of spritzes will be available along with the Harvey Wallbanger and White Russian. “The [latter] will be served in a can and be called a White Mike Russian because it’s a collaboration between Mike Bennie and Mr Black.”

The food will be a tribute to traditional bar menu items including Angus steak; market fish; pizza influenced by New York and New Jersey; the Squish burger and Bella’s hot fried chicken.

Bar snacks include prosciutto crochettes, herb polenta nuggets and pinzimonio.

Desserts will largely revolve around house-mae gelato by Icebergs Dining Room’s Jaclyn Koludrovic.


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