Maurice Terzini to open Bondi Beach Public Bar

13 December, 2017 by
Annabelle Cloros

Bondi Beach Public Bar (BBPB) will open its doors on 20 December.

The venue will be open seven days a week from 11am till 1am every day (midnight on Sunday).


“Whenever I am asked what the BBPB will be, I reply very simply that it’s a public bar,” says Maurice Terzini. “It’s not a hotel with a dining room or wine room; it’s just a basic public bar.”

BBPB will offer a wine list in line with a minimal intervention philosophy by wine director James Hird. “For me, drinkability is key, I really hate not being able to drink wine when I hit a pub,” he says.


“We really wanted the list to be accessible so we have sourced some cracking lo-fi wine made in the Adelaide Hills (Sauvignon Blanc) and Pinot Grigio from the King Valley in Victoria to keep the beach-goers hydrated.”

BBPB will be a post-mix-free zone and the drinks will channel Australia’s ’70 and ’80s drinking culture with a modern approach.


Terzini classics such as the No. 8 negroni and a selection of spritzes will be available along with the Harvey Wallbanger and White Russian. “The [latter] will be served in a can and be called a White Mike Russian because it’s a collaboration between Mike Bennie and Mr Black.”

The food will be a tribute to traditional bar menu items including Angus steak; market fish; pizza influenced by New York and New Jersey; the Squish burger and Bella’s hot fried chicken.

Bar snacks include prosciutto crochettes, herb polenta nuggets and pinzimonio.

Desserts will largely revolve around house-mae gelato by Icebergs Dining Room’s Jaclyn Koludrovic.