As one of Australia’s most high-profile chefs, it makes sense that Matt Moran has a lot of connections. And in season two of his television series Kitchen Tales, he brings many of them into his home for culinary conversation.

Each of season two’s eight episodes focuses on the food memories of a particular guest. Part of the appeal of the show is seeing Moran cooking in his home kitchen, working to recreate dishes that are of significance to his guests – from what they loved (or hated) to eat growing up, to meals they cooked to woo their partner, to some of their strangest food experiences. The other part of the appeal is seeing Moran’s friends and guests realise what is on the menu – a sweet reminder of how much food shapes us and means to us.

“I love filming this show. I feel very lucky to spend a few hours with these inspiring friends in my favourite place, my kitchen,” says Moran. “It’s no secret that the kitchen’s where all the best stories get told, and each time I welcome a guest into the kitchen, I learn something really surprising or special about them. There are some cracking tales in this season and, of course, the food’s not bad either.”

Guests to feature on season two of Kitchen Tales include music legends and food lovers Jane and Jimmy Barnes; comedy influencers The Inspired Unemployed; Vietnamese chef Angie Hong; and OzHarvest founder Ronni Kahn.

Of course, Matt Moran has the same values in his home kitchen that he brings to his restaurants. Each dish that he makes over the course of the season has Australian produce at its heart, showcasing producers such as Olsson’s salt, Messina ice cream, Humpty Doo barramundi and beef from the Moran family’s own farm.

Season two of Kitchen Tales will be available on IGTV and Matt Moran’s YouTube channel from 2 May.