Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham have opened the doors to Mary’s Melbourne — and it’s not just a pop-up this time.

The Franklin Street venue is the first permanent Melbourne foray for the group, taking the venue tally to seven.

Diners can look forward to regular Mary’s fixes Sydneysiders have been enjoying since 2013, with the cheeseburger, Mary’s burger and mushroom option all on the menu.

The venue is also catering to dietary requirements, with all options available as vegan.

Young Henrys’ Newtowner and IPA are on tap alongside Suds lager, Moon Dog tropical and more.

Graham and Smyth spoke to Hospitality about their expansion plans last year, and said “rolling out a bunch of cookie-cutter Mary’s” wasn’t on the cards.

“We want to be respectful to every new venue we do and its environment,” said Smyth.

“It’s not about our own progression and self-worth,” added Graham. “When you work with amazing people, it’s a big motivator to try to create opportunities for them.”

Mary’s Melbourne is open seven days a week.

Image credit: RC Stills

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