Popular Sydney banh mi vendor Marrickville Pork Roll has copped fines totalling $1,760 for two different offences in January.

On 17 January, the business was fined $880 for failing to maintain easily accessible hand washing facilities on the food premises. Ten days earlier on 7 January, failure to store potentially hazardous food under temperature control resulted in another $880 fine.

Both breaches occurred at the 236 Illawarra Road location.

The popular banh mi vendors have three outlets: two in the Inner West suburb of Marrickville and one in Darling Square, Haymarket. Six fines have been handed out across the three venues since August 2019, including the most recent offences.

Prior breaches across the venues include failing to ensure hand washing facilities are only used for the washing of hands, arms and face; failing to maintain  a supply of single use towels at or near each hand washing facility; failure to store food in such a way that it is protected from the likelihood of contamination; and failure to store potentially hazardous food under temperature control (previous warning given).

Penalties ranged from $440 to $880 per breach.

Food safety fines are a regular occurrence across the state, however legal action can be taken by the NSW Food Safety Authority when businesses repeatedly fail to comply with food safety standards or there is serious risk to public health.

Restaurants, cafes and other foodservice businesses who breach the Food Standards Code are listed on the Authority’s public ‘name and shame’ register.

Image: Broadsheet 

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