Pre-ticketing is shifting the way new restaurants combat the lean pre-opening period of the business lifecycle, writes Obee’s Owen Parry.

The hunt for the perfect dining experience starts with, of course, the ability to secure a table. This process is largely moving online, and is of a great and obvious benefit to diners. Online booking functionality is now being embraced by restaurateurs before they even open their doors, with a number of operators using it as a tool for generating business growth during the important pre-launch phase.

Pre-ticketing is shifting the way new restaurants combat the lean pre-opening period of the business lifecycle. Pre-ticketing provides the opportunity for new restaurant offerings to generate cash flow prior to the first dish being served. This is done through the evolution of pre-ticketed offerings that go beyond securing the initial booking, providing additional options for guests and demonstrating a new understanding of the importance of catering to guests’ preferences. It also builds a solid platform for new restaurant owners to build their business in a time when cash flow is limited.

Soon-to-be-open restaurants have utilised pre-ticketing prior to launch through a number of guest focused online options. A recent example includes the release of online gift vouchers prior to the launch of ex Vue de Monde Clinton McIver’s Amaru in Armadale, Victoria. In addition to providing online booking via Obee, McIver provided customers with the ability to gift the restaurant’s offering via a simple online transaction built into the existing cloud based booking platform.

Aaron Turner’s IGNI in Geelong, which opened last month, also embraced pre-ticketing functionality prior to launch, through the release of event bookings that captured the interest of guests while generating income before the doors officially swung open. The function has a strong business case, providing both operational efficiencies and improving the user’s experience by offering them something new in a tailored and easy-to-use platform.

The thinking behind the pre-ticketing technology and ongoing collaboration with some of Australia’s best restaurants has improved and evolved the overall guest dining experience. Restaurants such as Brae in regional Victoria have embraced a tailored approach, further expanding their existing booking offering by allowing users to purchase accommodation at the adjoined boutique residences, giving them a positive experience with Brae before they even set foot on the premise.

With the evolution of innovative online offerings and technologies such as pre-ticketing, guests can now expect to see savvy restaurants embracing these pre-launch growth models while tailoring the experience to reflect their own unique offering. What we will see is the clever application of new pre-ticketed functionality that includes new and unseen options that transform the overall guest experience.

Owen Parry, developer and engineer at Obee.


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