Sydney diner Stella Kim got more than she bargained for when she received a steak crawling with live maggots at The Ranch on 27 September.

Kim posted the video to Facebook and called on NSW Food Authority City of Ryde to take action.

Kim also revealed The Ranch deleted their reviews on the venue’s Facebook page before removing the reviews section entirely.

“We ordered steaks and one of our steak [sic] was full of worms,” Kim posted to Facebook. “Live worms coming out of the steak.

“I hope NSW Food Authority City of Ryde take some actions [sic] to deal with this offensive and disgusting service, as they are putting a lot of diners at risk. I wish [sic] no one has to go through this horrible experience. We have lost our appetite.”

The Ranch addressed the controversy on Facebook. “On Wednesday 27 September 2017, the Ranch Hotel was made aware of a situation involving one steak served on the night.

“The Hotel takes all food safety issues very seriously and has conducted a thorough investigation into the matter.

“Our investigation concluded that the incident was due to blowfly larva laid after the meal was cooked, as it is not possible for lava to survive the cooking process.”

The Ranch confirmed they have apologised to Kim for the incident.



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