The 2016 Mad Mex Big Burrito Challenge is on, with Australians invited to attempt eating a one kilo burrito in one sitting from Monday 2 May.

Customers can head into any Mad Mex store across Australia, conquer a one kilo burrito then show your receipt and foil to claim an authentic Mexican wrestling mask, custom made in Mexico for Mad Mex.

Released in stages across the five-week campaign, there will be four different animal themed masks to collect. The first is El Aguila (the Eagle), with the remaining masks not to be revealed until their release date. Champions can share their victory and enter the Big Burrito Hall of Fame on social media using #bigburritofame while the defeated can post about their loss using #bigburritofail.

The Big Burrito Challenge was created in honour of Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican holiday commemorates the 1862 battle on the hills of Puebla, where the Mexican army took on an unexpected French assault and came out on top despite being outnumbered two-fold.

Made with the same fresh ingredients as a regular burrito, the big burrito is double the size. Mad Mex creates fresh Baja-Mexican food using authentic Mexican recipes and ingredients, with a Californian influence. The Mad Mex menu is customisable, allowing customers to tailor their meal to personal tastes and dietary requirements.

Mad Mex 1KG Burrito Challenge will run at stores nationwide from 2 May–5 June. Participants can nominate a friend to take the challenge with them at


alanadimou-maxmexbigburrito-12.jpgImages: Alana Dimou

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