Liven, the mobile app that allows diners to donate money they save at foodservice businesses to a range of charities, has launched in Sydney.

Already up and running in Melbourne, the app has recruited over 50 Sydney restaurants including Caf del Mar, Kobe Jones, Blackbird, Mordeo, Ahgora and Petrol Kitchen.

The app offers diners year-round discounts at restaurants, and its ‘Save & Donate’ feature allows users to share a portion of their savings with charities such as the RSPCA, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Royal Children’s Hospital, beyondblue and OzHarvest.

Liven also offers cashless payment functionality – users are just required to bring a voucher in the app when dining out, then choose to donate a portion of the savings and click pay. A tax deductible receipt is then sent to the user’s inbox.

“On average, people have been donating 60 percent of their savings to charity,” said Liven’s co-founder, David Ballerini. “We think it is a fantastic result, as we only started the Save & Donate function at the beginning of this year.”

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