Liquor & Gaming NSW has confirmed that inspectors will be maintaining a strong presence in venues across the state over the festive season.

A statement issued by Liquor & Gaming reminded venue operators to be vigilant during busy periods such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve when there are increased risks for the sale of alcohol to minors, intoxicated patrons and anti-social behaviour. 

According to director of compliance operations, Sean Goodchild, inspectors will be monitoring hotels, clubs, nightclubs, bottle shops and cruise vessels to check that responsible service of alcohol obligations are being met.

“We want to ensure venues are providing a safe environment for people to celebrate over the festive season with the lowest possible risk of alcohol-related harm,” he said.

“The vast majority of our state’s licensed venues do the right thing and are committed to the responsible service of alcohol.

“The minority of venues that neglect their patrons’ safety and breach liquor laws can expect to face significant penalties.”

Liquor & Gaming NSW has shared these festive season tips to help ensure venues are adhering to the responsible service of alcohol obligations.


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