A new addition to the Fine Food Australia trade show, the Lions’ Den will provide the opportunity for emerging businesses to pitch their ideas to a panel of industry professionals.

The Lions’ Den is a first for the food trade industry, and has been introduced in response to the growing number of small businesses and entrepreneurs with great ideas, but limited opportunity to air them or to receive genuine industry feedback. Taking place at Fine Food Australia’s Talking Food Stage, the Lions’ Den will feature for professionals, who all have expertise in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

The Lions have combined experience that covers all facets of the foodservice industry, bringing together market understanding, strategic foresight and business savvy.

Facilitated by Adam Moore, chef for Cerebos, the Lions’ are:

Sissel Rosengren, managing director, Food Industry Foresight

Scott Stuckmann, business executive officer, Nestle Professional

Yezdi Duruwalla, managing director, Unilever

Dr Mirjana Prica, managing director, Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL)

The winning pitch will walk away with entry into the FSAA Understanding Foodservice program, a two-day program that dissects trends, dynamics, size, structure and other essential information pertaining to the food industry market.

“The Lions’ Den s a great example of the platform that Fine Food Australia creates for those in the industry. We’re committed to providing unique and valuable opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to engage with the food industry. The Lions’ Den offers a special opportunity for emerging businesses to get feedback from some of the industry’s leading experts on what it takes to succeed,” says Minnie Constan, event director.

Entries of all kind are invited to enter the Lions’ Den, from mobile technology to new food products.

For more information about the Lions’ Den, including how to apply, click here. Deadline for submissions is 18 August.

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