The answer is probably more recent than most would like to admit. Refrigerators and freezers are key pieces of equipment in kitchens and cafes that require constant attention and monitoring. To meet food safety requirements, staff are required to physically inspect and record temperatures on a regular basis, slashing productivity in the kitchen. But someone has to do the job twice a day — enter Templogger.

Templogger is an easy-to-use data recording system for cold storage that does all the hard work for you. The system records the temperature of fridges and freezers using an internet connection which sends alerts directly to your phone via the Templogger app, providing users with the opportunity to monitor stock and prevent potential losses.

Templogger also records temperature information on a cloud database, ensuring the data is hosted on multiple platforms for accuracy and peace of mind. The data is easily accessible and records can be provided via email or in print form in a timely manner when requested by authorities.

After a faulty fridge at Mornington’s Main Sail Café Bar led to a $300 loss of stock, the Templogger team wanted to create a system that flagged operational issues and prevented these situations from happening again.

Reducing risk and ensuring your business is compliant helps to maintain a successful company, and Templogger provides users with 24/7 monitoring of fridges and freezers. The system is able to be used Australia-wide in cafes, restaurants, hotels and fast food outlets, among others. Templogger offers a streamlined solution for busy venues, giving users back valuable time to get on with the job.

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