Koko Black has released its latest collection, with the range inspired by some of Australia’s most-cherished flavours.

The chocolatier has re-imagined a range of flavours and turned them into a collection that covers bars, slabs and packs.

Chocolate fans can choose from packs of Gaytime Goldies (vanilla and malted caramel ganache, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with hazelnuts); Koko Vovo (Milk chocolate coated biscuit topped with strawberry rosewater marshmallow, raspberry jelly and coconut); Jam Wagons (Crumbly biscuit batons topped with marshmallow and raspberry jam coated in milk chocolate) and Honey Joys (Crunchy cornflakes and sticky honey, mixed in creamy milk chocolate or decadent dark

For those who are more into slabs, Koko Crackles (Crispy rice bubbles with caramelised coconut and white chocolate, dipped in dark chocolate) and Lamington Slice (chocolate marshmallow and raspberry jelly, dipped in dark chocolates and dusted with coconut) are the way to go.

“Every single person has memories they can look back to as the ‘good old days’,” says Remco Brigou, head chocolatier and product innovation manager at Koko Black.

“We want our Australian Classics Collection to reinvent these moments in a contemporary way, making people feel those fond Australian memories are here.”

The range is available online and at all Koko Black locations for a limited time.

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