Busy commercial kitchens are not exactly known for their Zen qualities. Fiery pans, hot ovens and steam emanating from dishwashers all contribute to rising temperatures, adding to the stress of service times.

A calm kitchen gives dividends to all aspects of the business. The quality of a restaurant’s output and the productivity and wellbeing of its staff increase in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

You might be thinking ‘well, it’s a kitchen right? It’s inevitable that it’s going to be hot considering it’s housing equipment such as ovens, hotplates and dishwashers.’ But what if you could make one of those essential items work even harder for you by actually reducing the kitchen’s temperature? What if there was a product that could effectively pump out cool air while in operation, delivering a pleasant working environment?

Winerhalter’s new German engineered, PT ClimatePlus warewasher does just that. The PT ClimatePlus features an integrated heat pump which acts like an air conditioner to deliver cool, dry air into the kitchen, while washing soiled items at the same temperatures, and just as hygienically as conventional dishwashers. It’s a world first in the pass-through warewasher category.

The integrated heat pump uses the heat generated by the wash and the kitchen atmosphere to heat the tank and rinse water, and then pumps out air at a pleasant temperature, cooling the kitchen. According to a test completed by TV SD, the PT ClimatePlus is capable of reducing heat output to the room by as much as 75 percent when compared to a traditional pass-through warewashers. In addition, no steam is able to escape the machine while the hood is open, further reducing heat build-up.

The cooling effect and superior cleaning capabilities are not the only positive aspects of the PT ClimatePlus. The innovative machine also happens to be exceptionally environmentally friendly by offering up to a 53 percent reduction in energy consumption with every cycle when compared to traditional pass-through warewashers.

Although the machine itself has only been available in Australia and New Zealand since July last year, the PT ClimatePlus’ innovative design has resulted in the machine gaining a number of prestigious accolades. Winterhalter was named Manufacturer of the Year 2015 by the world’s largest foodservice industry association, Foodservice Consultants Society International due to the energy-saving technologies of the PT series. The innovative warewasher was also named Best New Hospitality Equipment Product at the 2015 Fine Food Australia foodservice tradeshow.

As a further testament to the machine’s stellar reputation, the PT ClimatePlus is also currently being used by some of the nation’s most popular restaurants including The Fat Duck (now Dinner by Heston Blumenthal) in Melbourne, Hugos Manly and Sydney based hospitality group Merivale to name a few. 

Winterhalter is not a company that follows innovation; it’s a company that is at the forefront of it. To find out more, contact Winterhalter today.


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