The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) together with the NSW Police Force have filed successful applications against Kings Cross strip clubs Dreamgirls and Bada Bing following numerous breaches of the Liquor Act.

The applications were filed on 22 December 2015 alleging illegal drug use at the venues along with several other license breaches.

OLGR’s application against Dreamgirls alleged that undercover officers were able to purchase cocaine at the venue from venue staff; that venue strippers were observed openly snorting cocaine; and that an area of the club (Level 1) was being operated as an unlicensed bar where alcohol was sold illegally and drug use and smoking was allowed.

On 19 December 2015, police executed search warrants and found 17 plastic bags containing suspected drugs at Dreamgirls, including in the unlicensed upstairs area of the venue where OLGR inspectors found an illegal bar operating.

The Authority has since ordered Dreamgirls to be closed for six months from 8pm on 1 February or until a licensee or approved manager can confirm to the Authority that a suitable venue drug control policy has been developed; and that building works and CCTV coverage designed to restrict and monitor access to Level 1 of the building is completed.  

The NSW Police Force application against Bada Bing alleged that undercover officers were able to purchase cocaine at the venue on multiple occasions in September, October and December 2015 including on one occasion from a responsible service of alcohol marshal.

Further breaches of the Act included the failure of implementing CCTV requirements and licence conditions designed to prevent strippers from being physically assaulted by patrons, and that members of outlaw motorcycle gangs had been given access to the premises in breach of Kings Cross requirements.

The Authority has ordered Bada Bing to close for six months from 8pm on 31 January 2016 or until persons acceptable to the Authority are confirmed as the licensee and/or approved manager and high risk approved manager of the premises.

Further long term conditions imposed on Bada Bing’s licence include:

  • A requirement for a venue drug policy to be developed in consultation with NSW police.
  • No staff with liquor or prohibited drug convictions to be employed at the venue.
  • Patrons are not allowed to access level 2 of the building or an internal stairway connecting levels 1 and 2 except as an emergency exit.
  • CCTV cameras are to provide constant surveillance of the entry to the stairwells at levels 1 and 2 of the building. 


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