Kakadu Kitchen’s Ben Tyler and Cooinda Lodge Executive Chef Phil Foote are teaming up for the Kakadu Full Moon Feast this year.

The event includes a series of dinners that will be held every month on 8 October, 5 November and 10 December at Cooinda Lodge in Kakadu National Park.

Tyler, a Bininj man from Patonga Homestead, has pioneered indigenous food and drinks through his company Kakadu Kitchen, while Foote came to Kakadu after stints overseas and across the country.

The pair aim to showcase indigenous food and culture by providing authentic Bininj cuisine, with the menu reflecting the coming monsoon seasons Kunumeleng and Kudjewk.

Guests can enjoy a four-course menu and drinks package, with dishes made from locally-foraged ingredients.

The first course will include Annabarru (buffalo) fillet, accompanied by semidried tomato smoked in native tea tree leaves, an-djurrukulmariba (native black currant), baby radish and wurrmarninj (lotus lily) flowers. 

The half moon course will be a Namarnkol (wild-caught Barramundi) wrapped in kun-kob (paperbark).

Guests can expect Alwadjuk (emu), herb and sand-palm cabbage en paupiette, rosella chutney, lotus nut cream, Kakadu plum gel, an-guladj (water chestnut), pickled an-dem (water lily) stems and flowers.

Th experience will then finish with a dessert of kabo (green ants), an-marnawan (native cluster fig) ice cream, lime curd and Kakadu plum mascarpone.

All courses will be paired with specialty wines, beer and other beverages such as a welcome Rosella Sole Gin Fizz Cocktail from Top End Willing Distillery.

Tickets are priced at $199 per adult and $139 per child (including beverages).

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