Since 1996, Kagome’s dedication to crafting the highest-quality tomato products has been unwavering. As the nation’s largest tomato processor, Kagome have consistently delivered exceptional quality. The sun-kissed soil of Victoria’s Echuca region is where the Kagome story unfolds. From seed to harvest, Kagome has always been there, ensuring each product delivers the robust, natural flavours you know and love. The harvests and processing span tomatoes, carrots, and garlic right through to apples, beetroot, and pears transformed into exceptional products that speak of their origin.

Kagome’s latest venture — a state-of-the-art powder plant — innovatively upcycles byproducts into nutritious powders, catering to diverse markets from food to wellness. Kagome always put quality first, remaining true to nature with every product it produces, be it the signature pulpy crushed tomato or rich pizza sauce. Discover more about Kagome’s product range and its dedication to quality and innovation at stand L8.