Successful restaurateurs know the value of having customers in their restaurant at the beginning of the night. Getting diners in early generates buzz and allows restaurants to turn more tables per service. Even busy restaurants have empty tables at the beginning of the night, but with First Table restaurants can have diners in from the minute their doors swing open.

First Table’s restaurant marketing platform will kick start your dinner service and market your restaurant for free. Even better, restaurants aren’t charged a cent to be on the website.

First Table promotes restaurants by offering an early bird special on your first table of the night. Reservations are for two to four people, with the special applied to full price food only, while customers will still pay full price for beverages.

The fully flexible system allows participating restaurants to choose the nights and times of the week that they want to offer their first table. The platform tracks new diners, with data showing that on average 75 percent of bookings come from first-time customers. With over 120,000 bookings through the platform so far, First Table has proven to be an invaluable way to attract new clientele.

Better yet, First Table offers restaurateurs the ability to market new menus, chefs and exciting promotions via the platform’s social media channels, giving your venue even more reach. Check out the Facebook page and First Table Magazine for examples.

First Table is super easy to set up, completely free to join and requires no contracts or minimum time commitments at sign up. The First Table team will set up your page for you and can get your restaurant live the next day. So head on over to the First Table website or click here to get started now!

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