David Osgood.

Celebrated chef Jo Barrett and partner David Osgood have announced that they will not be renewing the lease of their Little Picket restaurant in Victoria’s Lorne.

The chef announced the news via her Instagram this morning, explaining the decision to close as a positive one with the final service to be held on 27 April.

“It’s been a funny one not knowing when and what to say to people because we felt with the current times people would see our choice as a negative “another one bites the dust” situation,” reads the post.

“It’s been hard owning a small business and running a restaurant, it’s not all sunshine however it’s also not all bad, it’s been absolutely incredible.”

Barrett and Osgood opened Little Picket at the Lorne Bowls Club in 2022 where they have been serving a everchanging menu championing local produce and eco-friendly practices.

Barrett also shared on the post that the closure will allow her to work on new projects that she had been unable to dedicate time to while running the restaurant.

“There have been projects that really excite me that have been put to the side that I’m pumped to have time to work on,” she shared.

“It’s a bitter sweet situation and hasn’t been the easiest decision but sometimes you have to take a chance.”

Barrett also spoke to Good Food on the closure, sharing the two new projects on her horizon as Wild Pie and studies with the CSIRO.

Wild Pie is an initiative that works to turn feral and native animals into pies which Barrett is working with alongside Louise Daily, Mark LaBrooy, and Billy Staughton and Tara Medina of Discovered Wildfoods.

Barrett also shared with Good Food that she will be working with the CSIRO to create ways to use the 456 million loaves of bread that go to waste each year in Australia.

In her Instagram statement, Barrett also thanked her team and the community for its support.

“Lorne and LP have far exceeded any expectations. Our team, the members, the guests and our community as a whole have been so supportive to Dave and I. We are SO lucky,” it reads.

“There are a few more weeks to go still and 1 million thank you’s to come. Little Picket I love you.”

Little Picket’s last service will be on 27 April and is currently fully booked.