George Calombaris’ souva brand Jimmy Grants is set to expand its Sydney presence with the opening of a Bondi Junction store.

The venue will also feature Yo-Chi frozen yoghurt, a brand Calombaris acquired last year, which will mark the first time the yoghurt will be available in Sydney.

“We are excited about bringing two complementary concepts together that have the freshest Australian produce and ingredients at their core,” says Calombaris.

The store will open on 17 September and offer the signature menu along with recent additions including eight-hour lamb or rotisserie chicken with pickled onions, garlic sauce, lettuce and tomato along with Ms Gazi which features soft-shell crab, Kewpie mayonnaise, honey, herbs and Hellenic slaw.

Frozen yoghurt flavours cater for gluten-free and vegan customers, covering vegan coconut, vegan honeycomb and chocolate, butterscotch and signature tart.

“Yo-Chi delivers all-natural frozen yoghurt with fruit from Aussie farmers,” says Calombaris. “What could be better than a Jimmy Grants souva followed by a fresh Yo-Chi frozen yoghurt? Not much!”



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