Gram Cafe & Pancakes have opened their first Australian venue in Sydney.

Located in The Interchange in Chatswood, Gram has exploded globally after originally launching in Japan in 2014.

The concept now has 60 stores across the globe, with the souffle pancakes the main drawcard for customers.

Ingredients have been flown in from Japan to recreate the pancakes that are reminiscent of a souffle with a fluffy, light interior.

While Gram was originally going to cap the number of pancakes available per day, as it does in other countries, they’ve since revised the decision.

“Given the response we have just received from the public in regards to implementing the Japanese system in our Sydney location, we have reached out to headquarters and been given the green light to cater to the public’s needs and wants,” the company posted on Instagram.

“As such, there will be no limiting to the number of premium pancake portions per day, and we will be serving them throughout the day.”

Regular pancakes will also be available with toppings ranging from tiramisu to matcha, caramelised banana and honey apple with earl grey cream.

On the beverage front, diners can choose from coffee, juice, soda, iced tea, smoothies and iced coffees.

Gram is open seven days a week.

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