Merivale’s Ivy Pool Club has just undergone quite the makeover, switching from a Miami come LA glitzy vibe to that of the Italian Riviera.

The new look Pool Club features freshly reupholstered mandarin and cream coloured furniture, beach umbrellas and terracotta pots filled with citrus plants, figs and geraniums. In addition to a slick new fit-out, the menu has also experienced quite the revamp.

Hospitality recently caught up with David Lovett, head chef of Merivale’s Uccello, to discuss the new menu, vibe and events that Sydneysiders can expect to experience at the new-look venue.

What can diners expect from the new look Ivy Pool Club?

Well the pool is still there – but we've given it a little makeover, fresh lick of paint, new colour palette and put together a simple, tasty Italian menu that screams relaxed poolside dining. 

Can you take me through the new menu?

Classic Italian fare, perfect for eating while you're sitting in the sun with your legs dangling in the pool. I've got a couple of panini, beautiful seafood and steak coming from a little char grill and a few great summer salads. 

Will the food offering be at all reminiscent of the menu at Uccello?

I'm using many of the same products and producers from Uccello. I obviously wanted to keep using top quality meat and fish and the bread is made in house, a couple dishes are actually from the Uccello menu, just adapted to the char grill. Scampi, polpette and a lovely swordfish steak with a Sicilian salsa. 

What inspired the transformation of the Pool Club from an LA glitz theme to that of the Italian Riviera? 

The idea is to have Uccello spilling out into the pool, make it one level rather than two separate spaces during lunch.  


Was there more of a demand from consumers for a more relaxed, food centric offering?

I think now people are well educated about food so we wanted to really expand what was available and create more of a dining experience by the Pool.

What will be on the menu in terms of drinks?

All your classic Italians will be there! Negroni, spritz, Americano.. Campari and Aperol everywhere!! 

What excites you most about the new look Ivy Pool Club?

It's more Capri less Miami, and that, with the new food and drink offering, just ties in together so well. 

Can we expect more exciting Italian-themed food centric events at the Pool Club once Summer has passed and the seasons change?

I’m sure we will. We had our March into Merivale launch spread throughout the building this year, even having stalls in Uccello and the pool. We’ll do the same again this year as well as the odd pop up festival here and there. 


In addition to the new look Ivy Pool Club, Merivale will be opening eight new venues within the coming months.

Marking the fastest period of growth in the hospitality empire’s history, the new openings will include the Newport Arms Hotel,which the group acquired in Marchthe Queen Victoria Hotel in Sydney’s inner west; the Paddington Arms Hotel; and a wine bar on King Street.


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