Hundreds of festival-goers were left livid over the weekend following their attendance at The Yaks Sydney Barbecue Festival.

Many attendees are demanding refunds for the $25+ entry fee following hour long queues for food, in addition to a food shortage.

The festival featured a total of 13 stall holders including Chippendale’s LP Quality Meats and Enmore’s Bovine and Swine, but according to festival-goers, many of the stalls ran out of food before 1pm – just three hours after the festival opened. The event’s advertised hours were from 10am – 10pm.

As described on the festival’s official Facebook page, the event was designed to celebrate the growing popularity of traditional southern-American barbecue, and that the organisers were “committed to providing an amazing event at fair pricing.”

Unimpressed punters took to the festival’s Facebook page describing the event as “complete waste of time and money” with many demanding refunds.

“Absolute waste of time and money,” festival attendee Paul Oscar wrote. “Waited for three hours in two separate lines, and both sold out of food.”

Facebook user Michael Murray was also less than impressed: “This was the best BBQ festival I have ever been to – admittedly it is also the only one I have ever been to so I have no frame of reference. In saying that, it would be hard to imagine a worse event…. If you were a huge fan of mud and like empty food tents this event would have been right up your alley. No thumbs up. Next year's slogan should be "Yaks BBQ Festival – catch the fever… and die".

Punters that wrote directly to the festival’s organisers for a refund were issued with a statement stipulating that no refunds would be issued as “all elements of the event were delivered as advertised”.

“There were 13 food traders at the event, who were all briefed in advance of expected numbers and the food offering,” the statement reads.

“Although the wait for food from some traders was long at times, there were other food options throughout the site, and a range of activities including free demonstrations, entertainment and exhibitors…  All elements of the event were delivered as advertised.

“… Again, we are sorry that you have had a bad experience, but for the reasons stated there are no grounds for a refund.”

The event was organised by Mothership Media, the same company that organised this year’s NYE Above the Harbour Party which also attracted strong criticism from attendees due to the poor quality food and music as well as lengthy queues and lacklustre facilities.


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