Melbourne’s Ishizuka restaurant is set to launch their online store, Ishizuka Bakeshop this week.

Orders will be open from 27 January and consist of crowd favourites from Ishizuka’s lockdown takeaway range.

Like the restaurant, Ishizuka Bakeshop will honour Japanese food philosophy through minimal seasoning and high quality seasonal produce.

Four menu items make up the offering, including a picnic bento packed with onigiri, house pickles, smoked salmon, miso chicken, chicken karaage, beef katsu, fresh bread and nori butter.

The A5 Kagoshima wagyu pie made for two sees wagyu, foie gras and black truffle in Ishizuka’s house-made pastry.

A5 Kagoshima wagyu pie from Ishizuka Bakehouse

Sweet treats are also on offer such as the signature kasutera which is a sponge and cheesecake hybrid, and a matcha tarte tin.

Orders are to be made two days in advance and can be picked up from Ishizuka or delivered Thursday to Sunday between 3 to 5pm.

Deliveries can be made 15 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD with a starting fee of $10.

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