Intertain is at the nexus of the restaurant (11.6 billion), catering ($5.9 billion) and food delivery ($2.5 billion) industries, providing professional chefs to create meals at diners’ homes or offices.

Through the Intertain web platform, diners can select from a variety of options via chefs’ profile and menu. Diners will then provide details about the booking, including any special dietary requirements. Once the chef accepts the booking, they will shop, prepare, cook, serve and clean after the meal.

The Intertain chefs have a minimum of five years working experience and are thoroughly vetted through a stringent interview process, background police check, culinary and food handling certificates. Intertain chefs are covered by a $10 million insurance policy placed by CGU Insurance Limited.

“The clients I cook for know what they want, making the chef’s experience all the better to show off their skills. It is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated team where support and professionalism is number one,” said Intertain chef Robbie Ball (ex-Rockpool).

Most chefs will create their own menu, price and schedule. Intertain acts as an intermediary between the chef and diner obtaining a commission from each dinner booking.

Similar to sharing economy platforms like Uber and Airbnb, the platform allows for reviews and ratings.

Intertain chefs offer a wide range of menus from plated three to  four course canap style, shared family meal style, degustation and high tea. 

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