Nikkei restaurant Inka is set to open its doors in Canberra early next year.

The venue is the brainchild of Adam Elchakak (Raku), hospitality consultants Kiehyon Yoo and Sunny Matharu and chef Michael Muir.

Muir has worked across the globe and returns to Australia after stints in acclaimed restaurants in New York, Paris, London and Istanbul.

“While Covid-19 restrictions have been a huge burden on the hospitality industry, the return of Australian chefs who have made a name for themselves internationally is the silver lining,” says Matharu.

“We jumped at the opportunity to name Michael Muir as the executive chef of Inka, he’s a great asset.”

A combination of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines and techniques, the Nikkei ethos will inform the food and beverage offering at Inka.

“The menu will be heavily focused around tropical seafood incorporating Japanese precision of cutting raw fish and treating it with simple, refined flavours,” says Muir.

“Traditionally inexpensive Peruvian dishes are dressed up with Japanese skill, citrus and spice.”

The venue will also encompass a bar, which will see a global wine list teamed with cocktails and a focus on service.

“The Nikkei concept will promote an enticing scope of cocktail styles and flavours from both Japan and South America – combining finesse and balance with the wild and tropical,” says Yoo.

Inka is slated to open in January 2021.