As the 2016 school year comes to an end, industry leaders are calling for school leavers to consider a career in tourism and hospitality.

At the Australian Centre for Career Education (ACCE) annual conference, held on 10 November, the focus will be on career and employment opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry. Five of the hotel industry’s top leaders will present to career advisors from Victoria and NSW at The Hotel School Melbourne about the growth and diversity of employment opportunities in the sector.

The uplift in the tourism and hospitality industry is on the back of exponential growth in tourist numbers to Australia and underpins new investment in the hotel industry. Hospitality has also seen significant growth, with caf, restaurant and takeaway turnover growing 6.6 percent to $3.6 billion in August alone.

Leaders in the hotel industry argue that to cater to the growing tourism and hospitality market, they must recruit employees with a long-term view and good understanding of the industry. There is a demand for qualified and committed employees, with one in every 10 jobs being created in the sector.

“We look for employees who are committed and passionate about our industry. It doesn’t matter what role an employee has in our organisation – we want to see that they have a genuine interest in the business and an understanding of service,” says Greg Moore, general manager of Crown Promenade and Chairman Tourism Accommodation Australia (Vic).

“A welcoming attitude is one of the most important attributes.”


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