Indomie Instant Noodles has announced it will pop up at HWKR in Melbourne.

The stall revolves around the concept of ‘pimp Mie Goreng’ with the cult noodles worked into Indonesian-inspired dishes.

Menu items include Indomie with  egg and corned beef; chicken soup Indomie with egg, fried chicken ribs, Asian greens and pickled green chilli paste; spicy fried Indomie with Balinese beef, sambal, tofu, shrimp crackers and curry soup Indomie with curry chicken, carrots, potatoes and corn fritters.

Snacks will also be on offer including a crispy savoury pancake stuffed with egg and Indomie and a fried puff with chicken, potatoes and an Indomie twist.

The brand will also bring back its Chitato  Mi Goreng flavoured potato chips with only 600 packets on offer. In addition, the brand will reveal exclusive new flavours that will launch during the pop-up.

The stall will be open until June 2019.


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