MoVida (Frank Camorra), Pei Modern (Mark Best), Lee Ho Fook (Victor Liong), Thirty Eight Chairs (Mirco Speri), Tokyo Tina and Saigon Sally (Adrian Li) have joined with Endulj to deliver their dishes along with matched wines.

Endulj uses its purpose-built Windsor based $400,000 kitchen headed up by executive chef Matt Germanchis (Pei Modern, The Fat Duck, MoVida) to make dishes from each restaurant, which have been designed for delivery and are made to order.

“Take-away food has always had its challenges but I’d never given serious consideration to how it might be improved until I joined Endulj,” said Germanchis.

“Most restaurant kitchens are designed to serve 40–50 covers across multiple sittings each evening, with the dishes prepared to be served as soon as they’re plated up. At Endulj I’ve designed a kitchen capable of serving a dining room that spans multiple suburbs rather than individual tables, where we only prepare dishes that travel well.”

Starters, mains, desserts, a kid’s menu and Anthony Femia cheeses are available to order, with a matched wine list prepared by in-house sommelier Ainslie Lubbock (The Royal Mail Hotel, Attica, Pei Modern). The packaging is made using a mixture of tree-free recycled sugarcane and bamboo packaging, used to maintain heat and quality.

“One of our aims at Pei is to democratise dining so it makes sense to me to consider options that help people enjoy great food at home. Endulj’s concept of combining multiple respected restaurants, a purpose built kitchen and careful consideration of dishes that travel has exciting potential. I look forward to seeing Pei’s food delivered by Endulj,” said Mark Best, founder of Pei Modern.

New menu items added this week include Tokyo Tina’s pork belly bao, MoVida’s carrillera de buey, Lee Ho Fook’s white cut chicken, Saigon Sally’s pumpkin, tofu and taro stem with steamed rice, Pei Modern’s hangar steak, grilled finger leek and caramelised yoghurt.

“The dishes at Lee Ho Fook are incredibly precious to me and to put them in the hands of someone else was a big. After a lot of research I felt super confident with Endulj and the team. I think the expectations of people regarding delivery food are getting higher and higher, as are people’s expectations in restaurants. It’s nice to know there is someone out there who takes this as seriously as we do,” said Victor Liong, co-owner and executive chef of Lee Ho Fook.

To achieve restaurant quality food the delivery radius for the Endulj kitchen is limited to 5km, meaning residents of Prahran, Windsor, South Yarra, Toorak, Elwood, St Kilda, Melbourne 3004 and surrounds will be the first to access Endulj, with plans for new kitchens across Melbourne in the works.

Midnight-curry-with-rockling-and-steamed-rice_Saigon-Sally-1.jpgMidnight curry with rockling and steamed rice from Saigon Sally

Pumpkin-tofu-and-taro-stem_Saigon-Sally-jpg.jpgPumpkin, tofu and taro stem from Saigon Sally. 

Tapas-box_Movida.jpgTapas Box from MoVida.

Wagyu-beef-tataki_Tokyo-Tina.jpgWagyu beef tataki from Tokyo Tina

White-cut-chicken_Le-Ho-Fook.jpgWhite Cut Chicken from Lee Ho Fook

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