Over the past few years, Australians’ appreciation for burgers has skyrocketed, and so too has the quality of what’s being served by pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants around the country.

Chefs have turned their back on bland, flavourless beef mince and are getting creative with their proteins, using ingredients such as pulled pork, smoked braised brisket and even wagyu. The humble hotdog is also experiencing a resurgence and has become a common – almost expected – inclusion on foodservice menus.

The fillings for both hot dogs and burgers have also come a long way; think aged cheddar cheese sauce, spiced onion rings, chipotle mayo, bacon jam and apple and fennel slaw.

With so many foodservice outlets fighting for the same burger buck, operators need to continually reinvent their menu, giving consumers a reason to come back and part with their hard earned dollars.

One of the best ways to do this is to offer your customers a range of buns. It’s no longer assumed that their meat, cheese and other exciting accompaniments will be housed within a stock-standard, uninspiring white roll; consumers now want to be able to choose from a range of different breads including wholemeal, damper rolls, seeded rolls, sourdough rolls, and even charcoal rolls.

The current trend dominating the burger market in Australia, however, is brioche. The flakey, buttery texture is proving to be a very popular option, and more and more foodservice operators are taking note. As such, Tip Top has extended its range and is now offering a new Gourmet Burger Range, which includes brioche burgers and sliders. The Speedibake range has also been expanded to include a Gourmet Brioche Style Hot Dog Roll.

This means operators can not only take full advantage of the latest trends in Australia’s fickle ‘foodie’ scene, but they can do so without blowing out their food costs.

The new hot dog roll comes in cartons of 55, is available frozen through distributors and can be stored in the freezer for up to 12 months. It can be thawed and served immediately or flash-baked in minutes, catering for the industry’s demand for reduced baking times and convenient quick-to-table products.

The Gourmet Burger Range also thaws quickly, meaning minimal impact on preparation time, and can be stored in the freezer for up to four months, allowing foodservice outlets to keep sufficient product on hand to meet demand, whilst also minimising waste. 

So when you’re putting together your next burger menu, don’t just think about which cut of beef you’d like to highlight, or how spicy you want the jalapeno mayo to be, also consider what will encase these ingredients that you’ve put so much effort and time into.

For more information on the range of brioche style products offered by Tip Top and Speedibake visit http://www.tiptop-foodservice.com.au/ or contact your local distributor to order.

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