Anyone working in the hospitality industry knows how much of an impact having the best talented staff can make to their business. Unfortunately, they are also all too aware of how difficult it can be to attract and retain the best talent.

The current skills shortage in the hospitality industry has made good staff a valuable commodity; and they know it.

When searching for a new job, the best talent will have their pick of a number of different opportunities. Even if they’re currently employed and not actively searching for a new role, the next potential new opportunity is always just around the corner – it is, for better or worse, the nature of the tight-knit hospitality business.

So how can hospitality business owners attract and retain the best staff available?

A company mission statement is a simple but effective way to promote the goals, ethics, culture, and direction of the business to prospective candidates. The mission statement can help convey to a potential employee if they would be a good fit with what the business stands for, as well as if they could see a long-term future working for the business.

The mission statement is especially important for attracting the Millennial Generation of workers, where self-actualisation, work-life balance, career development, and especially communication, are all important contributors to their job expectations.

Writing the mission statement is one thing. Believing in and staying true to the values within is another. A company that lives and breathes the core values stated in the mission statement will have a better chance of retaining quality staff for a long career.

This is crucial to success for the hospitality industry, where the labour turnover culture means almost fifty percent of all staff last less than twelve months at any one job.

Reducing this turnover is of critical importance to bottom line performance, reducing the costs of training, induction, growth and skill development, and having the best, most experienced workers at your disposal to create the best possible experience for customers.

How can you convince high quality hospitality candidates to work for your business? Speak to the team at Frontline Hospitality to find out what candidates are looking for:

If you’re looking for a new hospitality position and aren’t sure which company is the right fit for you, it’s worthwhile to speak to a recruitment consultant to see what opportunities are available. There is no cost to job seekers to work with a recruitment agency, and confidentiality is guaranteed for all candidates.

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