Introducing HospoHawker – a new marketplace for the hospitality industry.

Never before has an online platform existed to enable hospitality professionals to buy or sell used items from each other.

That is, until now. HospoHawker, which has just launched, is Australia’s only dedicated hospitality marketplace where users can buy and sell virtually anything, from big ticket items such as industrial ovens and dishwashers, to smaller things like cutlery, plates and cups. Whether it’s brand new items from suppliers or used items from another venue, it can be found on HospoHawker.

Founded by Kelly & Alex Brawn, co-owners of Melbourne’s Sebastian Restaurant in Williamstown, HospoHawker will fill a gap in the market.

“While planning, launching and then running our restaurant, Sebastian, I was surprised to find that there was no single location where a restaurant could buy equipment and furniture or find services to get the business off the ground,” says Alex. “It was only through pure luck that I eventually stumbled on some great suppliers and service providers. I remember thinking ‘surely there is a better way to do this?”

Once the gap in the market was highlighted it couldn’t be unseen and, after several months of letting the idea percolate, they decided to go for it. With two kids and a restaurant already, HospoHawker was born and became Brawn baby number four.

Now, with the launch of HospoHawker, restaurant and venue owners, or operators, can easily sell unneeded assets and then, just as easily, buy what they need for their businesses to grow. In a nutshell, the aim of HospoHawker is to bring together the hospitality business community, matched with excellent retailers and service providers of all sizes, to get what they need in one place.

It’s easy to buy or sell. To start, just head over to the website and create a free account