Is it time to upgrade your kitchen? High-quality pieces are always worth investing in, so it’s important not to cut corners and encourage productivity in the kitchen. Hospitality has you covered with a roundup of what’s new and trending from leading suppliers when it comes to equipment.


Hoshizaki is a proud provider of complete commercial refrigeration solutions and ice makers, showcasing an expansive selection to meet diverse business needs. Hoshizaki ice machines are popular in bars, restaurants, and hotels, and are an essential for bar and kitchen teams.

Its array of ice makers include Cubers, Flakers, Nugget, and Crescent models, ensuring a comprehensive portfolio for a wide range of purposes. Its product range also has special ice makers to craft unique shapes such as XXL cubes and ball ice.

The IM Series features durable and dependable high performers including Cubers and Special ice makers that are ideal for hospitality businesses, while the KM Series offers unique purity with Crescent ice makers that are perfect for creating unforgettable cocktails.

The FM series covers the Flake and Nugget ice makers that are versatile machines suited to restaurants, hotels, and food-processing facilities. Experience excellence in ice makers with Hoshizaki, where top-quality design meets unique requirements, delivering exceptional performance across various industries.

J.L. Lennard

The new Henny Penny F5 fryer from J.L. Lennard is engineered to be the fast-food deep fryer of the future, using 40 per cent less oil to fill its 13.39kg vat. The machine also has a quick filtering cycle that outpaces any other open fryer in the world by 25 per cent.

The reduced oil demand optimises resource utilisation like never before, with an automatic top-off feature that ensures a consistent oil level, maximising oil life and potentially doubling its longevity and sustainably and minimising oil wastage.

“The ultra-quick filtering cycle is a game-changer for busy kitchens, translating into less downtime and increased productivity so kitchens can keep up with the demands of a bustling service,” says J.L. Lennard.

A sturdy 17cm touchscreen with 4.8mm tempered glass complements touch-and swipe controls designed for intuitive ease of use in the same way smartphones operate, minimise the learning curve and reducing training time by up to 50 per cent.

Optional connectivity features allow users to future-proof their deep fryer though remote diagnostics and updates, simplifying maintenance, technical updates, and troubleshooting without needing time-consuming physical inspections. equipment.

Miele Professional

Make sure crockery doesn’t pile up in the kitchen with the PTD 901 passthrough tank dishwasher from Miele Professional. Featuring a cycle time of just 50 seconds, automatic hood function, and integrated dispensing, the appliance is ideal for busy kitchens.

Designed for continuous operation thanks to high-quality materials, innovative technology, and precision workmanship, the PTD 901 passthrough tank dishwasher
can process 100 cycles a day with ease. The table system makes work even more
convenient: fully loaded baskets do not need to be heaved or carried; instead, they slide effortlessly in and out of the machine.

Featuring the latest technology and finely tuned components, the passthrough dishwasher can keep up the pace and perform perfectly under constant strain. It’s a well-developed, all-round solution to meet the highest demands, ensuring fast crockery turnaround.


A leader in innovative and sustainable professional oven design, Unox has unveiled its latest flagship models in the professional combi oven line up. The new CHEFTOP-X™ oven promises to redefine performance and user-machine interaction in professional kitchens.

Three years in the making, involving a team of 50 experts including engineers, physicists, chemists, and chefs, the ovens boast the Digital. ID™ OS inspired by smartphone versatility, offering a fast, intuitive, and customisable interface enhanced by AI.

The new Unox combi ovens prioritise environmental sustainability with SMART.Energy functions, reducing CO2 emissions even when idle. They offer personalised cooking suggestions such as alerting users to prolonged door openings.

And with STEAM.Maxi™ and DRY.Maxi™ systems, ensure precise cooking, creating crispy textures and browning quickly. The ovens produce airflow up to 250 km/h for uniform results in any condition and have ergonomic features such as an integrated hand shower and streamlined cleaning. Unox’s CHEFTOP-X™ epitomises innovation, offering chefs unprecedented efficiency and versatility.

Kuvings AUTO10 cold press juicer

Say goodbye to manual juicing and hello to the future of juicing with the Kuvings AUTO10 cold press juicer. The innovative juicer is a gamechanger for commercial businesses, offering hands-free operation and unmatched efficiency.

With its slow juicing power and hands-free operation, staff can attend to other tasks while the juicer is making the juice. The auto-cutting technology effortlessly processes large chunks of produce, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.

Experience the convenience of uninterrupted juicing with the AUTO10’s three-litre hopper, which allows you to juice an entire recipe of fruits, vegetables, and herbs without pause.

The juicer is perfect for busy commercial settings where efficiency and quality are paramount. You can trust your investment is protected and supported every step of the way with after-sales service and easy warranty.; (02) 9798 0586

Kuvings CB1000 vacuum blender

Step into the future of blending with the Kuvings CB1000 vacuum blender. The sleek and powerful blender is not just your average kitchen appliance — it’s a game-changer for commercial businesses.

With its state-of-the-art vacuum blending technology, it preserves nutrients, flavours, and colours, ensuring every smoothie, sauce, or soup is of the highest quality and freshness.

The CB1000’s one-touch safety sensor and soundproof enclosure make blending a breeze, even in busy environments. It’s the world’s first commercial one-touch auto blender, offering convenience and efficiency like never before. With five pre programmed buttons and 37 recipe settings, you can easily whip up a variety of dishes without the need for extensive training or expertise.

Upgrade your culinary arsenal and elevate your business with the Kuvings CB1000 vacuum blender. It’s not just a blender, it’s a statement of excellence in the world of commercial blending. Plus, with brilliant after-sales service and easy warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing Kuvings has got you covered.; (02) 9798 0586


ASM440CE nigiri maker Prepare to elevate your sushi-making with the all new ASM440CE nigiri maker from Autec. Using cutting-edge technology, the innovative commercial unit is poised to revolutionise the way you create nigiri sushi.

With the ASM440CE nigiri maker, achieving uniform, perfectly shaped nigiri has never been easier. In a busy kitchen, efficiency is paramount. The ASM440CE streamlines the nigiri-making process, allowing the production of large volumes (4,200 pieces per hour) of nigiri in a fraction of the time. Increase productivity, reduce labour costs, and keep up with high-demand periods effortlessly.

Designed with both form and function in mind, the ASM440CE nigiri maker has a compact design that fits into any kitchen setup. It has a dual direction function that allows two workers to prep side by side. It has the fewest parts that require cleaning and installing for equivalent machines in this class. Unlock new levels of efficiency and consistency with Autec sushi robots.

Fujiseiki MM CE rice dispenser

Attention restaurateurs and culinary professionals, say hello to the next evolution in rice-dispensing technology — the Fujiseiki MM CE rice dispenser. Designed specifically for commercial use, the innovative appliance will change the way you handle rice in your kitchen.

With the Fujiseiki MM CE rice dispenser, you can streamline your rice preparation process and maximise efficiency like never before. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual measuring and hello to precise, hassle-free rice dispensing at the touch of a button.

With its precision measurement capabilities, you can trust each serving of rice will be uniform in size, texture, and taste, ensuring a consistently delightful dining experience for customers. The Fujiseiki MM CE rice dispenser features a sealed storage system that keeps your rice fresh and tasty, meeting the highest standards of food safety and quality.

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