Restaurants and bars are slated to reopen their doors in New South Wales in the coming months after Police Commissioner David Elliot revealed a ‘freedom plan’.

Under the proposed plan, fully vaccinated patrons will be allowed to dine outdoors and drink in beer gardens once the vaccination rate hits 70 per cent.

As the state marks day 55 of lockdown today, venues have been solely relying on takeaway and delivery sales to stay afloat.

“That is a decision cabinet will take and the premier will make and it is not something that she has been considering overnight, but something she has been working towards for some time,” the Commissioner said on Sunrise.

“Also as a government, we have been speaking to the hospitality industry and clubs and restaurants.

“It makes perfect sense and I think that if we have to live with the virus, this is the benchmark that we have to reach.”

The reopening would require customers to provide proof of their vaccination status through an app displaying a certificate.

Bars and restaurants would also be limited to outdoor dining and operate according to density limits.

If approved by Premier Gladys Berejiklian next week, the roadmap plan could be brought in as early as October.

More details to come.

Image Credit: Misfits Redfern