Hospitality magazine and other titles across the Food & Beverage Media portfolio are supporting a vaccinated industry so we can all get back to work.

A vaccinated industry means venues can once again welcome patrons and we can all enjoy the hospitality experience, from an expertly poured flat white to a sashimi plate and everything in between.

“We’ve heard all the political leaders talking about the importance of increasing Australia’s vaccination rates,” says Managing Director of Food & Beverage Media Paul Wootton.

“For lockdowns to end, and for the country to be able to put lockdowns behind us, we need more people to get the jab.

“We want to see pubs and bars reopen, we want to be able to enjoy drinks with our friends at the local this summer, so of course all the Food & Beverage Media titles and teams support a vaccinated industry.”

With potential outdoor dining on the cards in some parts of New South Wales, it’s essential businesses are ready to go, and that means having a vaccinated workforce, which the Food & Beverage Media team fully supports.

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