After a successful pop-up serving Sri Lankan street-food inspired hoppers in 2016, Ruvanie de Zoyza has opened a permanent eatery in Glebe’s Tramsheds.

De Zoyaa founded Hopper Kad with her partner Chris Goffin and decided to move to a permanent space when demand for the bowl-shaped pancakes outgrew her market stall operation. The new venue, still named Hopper Kad, will now serve the Sri-Lankan street-food, which comes with both sweet and savoury fillings, from 9am to 10pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

“We are thrilled Sydney-siders love hoppers as much as we do. Now that we will be serving them regularly from our permanent home, we are hoping to satisfy the demand,” said de Zoyza.

“Hoppers are truly versatile. Our menu ranges from hoppers with traditional Sri Lankan curry fillings to fusion hoppers such as ‘The Ozzie’, which contains caramelised bacon and tomato relish served with an egg.”

Customers can choose to have the fillings served in a traditional white hopper (made of fermented white rice and coconut milk), a string hopper (made of steamed white rice noodle) or a red hopper (made of fermented red rice and coconut milk), which is gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free.

Fillings include the classic with a dollop of relish, pol (coconut) sambol and free range egg; avo smash with feta, tomato, red onion and a free range egg; fried chicken with spicy date, tamarind sauce and free range egg; fruit and yoghurt, with granola and kitul (palm) treacle; and naana-tella, which features Queensland bananas drizzled with Nutella.

Hopper Kad’s is now open at Artist Lane in Tramsheds. The hoppers will also be available via UberEats in two weeks’ time. 




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