The InterContinental Hotels Group has partnered with Nutrition Australia to launch several newly created menus for its Holiday Inn hotels and resorts.

The new menus are based on a criteria developed by Nutrition Australia’s accredited practising dietitians to ensure that the menus are nutritionally balanced. All meals on the menus must contain a balance of vegetables, meat and wholegrain foods plus fruit and dairy where relevant.

A set of 34 main meals (including 12 regional dishes), seven desserts and 10 drinks have been developed. Each hotel will then hand-pick a smaller selection of dishes to best cater to the palates of their clientele. Some of the dishes on offer include veggie pitta burger, sushi rolls, nacho bowl, chicken noodles and DIY falafels. Desserts include: apple crumble, fruit popsicles and banana splits made with yoghurt instead of ice cream.

Lee Lin Teo, brand marketing director, Holiday Inn Brand Family, AMEA, IHG says that the new menus are about more than just the food.

“This is part of a wider improvement in how we look after kids when they are eating in our restaurants, ensuring they have a fun dining experience from start to finish – from how they are greeted when they enter the restaurant and how the menu looks, down to the colourful utensils they use.”

Lucinda Hancock, CEO, Nutrition Australia VIC Division said that the organisation was thrilled to collaborate with hotel group on the development of the new menus.

“It’s great to see Holiday Inn taking the initiative to ensure there are nutritious, delicious and fun foods available for kids to enjoy when holidaying, and we are thrilled to be a part of this exciting collaboration.”


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